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About Us

Salford Dadz - Little Hulton are a group of dads, or men that fulfil a dads role, in Little Hulton, part of Salford in Greater Manchester. 

Our main focus is on helping men in the area that have, or look after, children to be the best they can be and to overcome the various difficulties and challenges that are faced by many in todays society. We have found that social isolation is a large issue in the area and seek to find ways of improving mens social networks, away from the normal environments such as pubs.

Salford Dadz – Little Hulton are a formally constituted group and some of our aims are shown below:
• We want to help and support the wellbeing of fathers and father figures within the community and, in turn, create more positive outcomes for their children and their families where possible. 

• We want to share knowledge and understanding from current members who have overcome difficulties or are currently overcoming difficulties in order to achieve positive and constructive personal wellbeing. 


• We want to work collectively with local community groups, wellbeing and outreach teams and schools to find and make contact with isolated fathers and father figures or those impacted by difficulties. 


• We want to work within the community and with existing community groups to improve the development of the community in regards to social barriers relating to family structures and wellbeing.


• We want to help raise awareness of the importance of both fathers and father figures within the raising of children and the benefits it provides to a child's development and wellbeing. 

The work we do takes many forms, from chatting to dads over text or meeting up for a coffee in one of the local cafes through to running a Dadz and Kidz club on Saturday mornings and organizing or attending other events throughout the year. Please feel free to wander around this website. We hope you will find any information you need, if not please contact us to find out more.

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