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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Salford Dadz - Little Hulton, perhaps the easiest is to come along with your kids to our Saturday club, you can find out more about this on this site. We talk about dads but this is simply the easiest way to refer to men who look after children, even if they are not their own. You might be a new partner or even a grandad, as long as you provide care for children then you are a dad in our eyes.

Some dads unfortuanately don't have access to their children all the time and we do not allow men to come to our Saturday club with out children in order to comply with our safeguarding policies. This is simply to ensure that all children have a parent / guardian with them. 

If you are in need of some support however or just want to chat to one of us to get some advice then please contact us, our contact details can be found by clicking on the Contact Us link . 

Don't be scared!! We are just blokes from the area, all with different experiences and are all very down to earth, if you prefer to text us that is fine, we know some people don't want to actually "talk" to someone straight away sometimes, especially if you are anxious.

We fund a set of mobile phones for our volunteers to use so that they always have credit to get back to you.

Why not explore the links above to find out more.

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