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What do we Do?

What we do is quite a difficult question to answer. The groups basic aim to help and support other fathers in our area, helping them overcome difficulties that they may face using a "been there, done that" type of approach. We talk, sharing idea's and approaches that we have found so that others may try them. It may sound silly but usually the answers to problems can be found very close by.


We work at a mates level, that is to say that we are not social workers, health visitors, or anything else. We are just local dads that want to make a difference in our area and we know that when we aren't in a good way our children suffer. We are not talking about neglect or abuse here just that when you are not as happy or healthy as you should be your children notice it, maybe they will sense the levels of stress you are feeling if you are suffering from anxiety and this will affect them. Perhaps if you don't feel there is any point of getting up in the morning they will not see the point of school and will not work as hard as they could. I know that if I am in a bad mood then my children don't get the best of me, maybe if I'm low I won't talk to them much, or play with them, and my children then learn to leave me alone and don't learn how to communicate, maybe they will have difficulties forming relationships later on in their life.

Sometimes we will work one on one, especially if a new dad suffers from anxiety or simply doesn't want to meet up with a load of people they haven't met before. Usually this is via phone, text, or any of the common messaging apps. We fund a set of mobile phones for this reason so one of our volunteers will always have the credit to be in contact with you.


At other times support may come in a group setting, our Saturday club for example. Although it is not the best place to talk about big issues other thing can be discussed, perhaps your child doesn't like going to bed for example. I can assure you that we have all been there but the ways we approached it will be different.



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