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What if your story could make a change?

We all have our own stories, either it be good or bad or in the middle. Regardless of which these are our journeys to where we are today, but what if our journeys could help others. What if they could make things just that little bit easier for someone else on a similar journey. No matter what your position in life is right now, you have acquired some sort of lived experience.

It could be homelessness, drug or alcohol issues, mental health or physical health issues, mental or physical abuse, money problems, social isolation, childhood issues. The list covers so many and could go on and on. Getting through or being trapped in these, offers you experience. It could be you have managed to avoid some or all of these, again how you managed to do that is experience.Those experiences could be good or bad. What helped or didn’t help. Where was or where wasn’t the support.

If you shared that experience and it could help someone else. Would you?

We all know the saying ” Been there, got the t-shirt “. Would it help being supported by someone who has got the t-shirt? Someone who has been in the same boat you are in. Would you open up more to what is happening?

Would you accept the advice more because they have been there?

How much would it actually help just knowing you are not alone? To have someone stand by your side and say you are not alone, together we can do this.

Wouldn’t we all regardless of our situations, love to have someone stand beside us as an equal and say ” I am here with you, we are in this together “.

We are in a world that is forever changing. Views, opinions, beliefs, opportunities, likes, dislikes, environments, experiences. Two days never the same. Changing for the good and for the bad. What we do or say changing things around us by the moment.

What if you took that chance to try and make a deliberate change. A change that would be for the good. A change that could benefit others. Even if it was only two people’s lives something you chose to do changed things for the better for them, wouldn’t that be worth it. Especially if those two people each went on to do the same for two others.

Change can happen, and can come from something so small and simple as sharing our story. The ups, the downs, the how’s. Something that to you may be so small to you, could be something so big to someone else. We all have a story. We all have voice. We all can make changes happen not just for ourselves but for others.

There is another saying, ” The answer is staring us in the face “. Maybe that face is our reflection in the mirror?

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